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This site is a Charlton Comics Checklist!
This site may be incomplete or have inaccuracies. It should only be used as a reference. 
Due to the way Charlton switched titles and volumes, the actual volume per indicia is disregarded unless it is absolutely necessary to identify the comic.

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Charlton Comics Checklist Change Log & Site Notes

4/2/2021 - Filled in the last missing Ronald McDonald image. Upgraded the sizes of the images if you click on a link. Purged all Photobucket images for the title to remove watermarks.

3/5/2021 - Added scans for Li'l Tomboy #'s 105, 106, & a temporary image for 107.  Need to replace #107.

2/28/2021 - Added scans for Li'l Tomboy #'s 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, & 100. Upgraded images for #102 & 103 as well as purging the old Photobucket links. Here is a sneak preview of a gallery page being processed... Li'l Tomboy

2/27/2021 - Added scans for Li'l Tomboy #'s 92 & 93. Took a break from the military titles.

2/20/2021 - Added scans for Fightin' Army #28, 29, #31 & #32. Added a cover gallery page for the Flintstones' Book of Laughs Digest. Fixed some outdated links on the Dino Digest cover gallery page.

2/8/2021 - Added scans for Fightin' Army #25 & #26. Updates had stalled completely, so I'm trying to squeeze in a few incremental updates.

2/7/2021 - Added a scan for Fightin' Army #23 and I created this change log. The Change Log is long overdue because the site gets a moderate amount of traffic and much of it is repeat visits. People might wonder what is being changed, added, or deleted. This site is maintain by one person as a not-for-profit reference site. It is a massive undertaking and uses only free hosting for the images and html content. Those free hosts are flaky which often causes images and the site itself to go offline until there is time to fix whatever they did. Occasionally, it requires the entire site to restart with a new hosting service. Compiling this content is a hobby and it is intended to be a free service for collectors. There is no intent to pay for more stable hosting. Here is a sneak preview of a gallery page being processed.... Fightin' Army Cover Gallery. Since links are subject to change, I will likely be keeping them to a minimum on this page.


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